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Here in the Coastal Bend of South Texas you can go fishing, bird watching, hiking, camping, sailing plus all the attractions the area has to offer. Nearly five million people visit the region annually for the variety of activities and interests the area has to offer.
One of the nation's top tourist destinations, Corpus Christi is host to more than five million visitors annually. A thirty-minute drive takes you to this modern port city, which was discovered by Alfredo de Pineda and his Spanish fleet in the year l590. Anchoring off the area on a church holiday, he named it Corpus Christi (body of Christ); and the name has stuck.

This has been called a "right-sized" city as total area population is just under 300,000; and crowds, heavy traffic and city congestion are virtually unknown to the area.
Many attractions are available to the visitor and all are within convenient driving distance. A few of these are listed below:

  • Texas State Aquarium
  • Port of Corpus Christi
  • U.S.S. Lexington Museum
  • Corpus Christi Museum and Art Museum
  • Corpus Christi Greyhound Racetrack
  • Texas Treasure Casino Cruise ship (4 hours)
  • Deep sea, bay, gulf and fresh water fishing at its finest.
  • Sailing, windsurfing, jet skis and boating
  • Padre Island's famous white sand beaches (including beach accommodations and camping)
  • Padre Island National Seashore
  • Port Aransas, Rockport/Fulton
  • The King Ranch
  • Four major naval air stations and bases
  • First class restaurants and hotels
  • Mexico
Climate is warm and hot or cool and chilly depending on the season. However, the highs are more likely than the lows; and rainfall is only an occasional challenge. The Naval basic flight schools were located here because of the consistently fine weather, while the sailing sports are booming because of the constant breezes and good sailing weather.
Since Encino is just 30 minutes away, the area makes an excellent arrival and/or departure point, as well as an excellent place to "park" the nonhunters in your family or group. They won't complain and will want to return. And don't forget Mexico is just a short drive away!
For current weather be sure to check our weather page since the weather here has a way of changing from cool and overcast to bright, invigorating sunshine in a remarkably short time.

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