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The venerable Boone and Crockett Club was founded over 100 years ago by Theodore Roosevelt, naming it in honor of two of the most legendary hunters in our history: Daniel Boone and Davey Crockett. The Club has been recognized for its conservation and ethical leadership.

B & C's Fair Chase Statement was the cornerstone of the establishment of hunting seasons, bag limits and the abolishment of market industry practices at the turn of the last century. Without these America would be a sad nation indeed.

The B & C scoring system has been in place over 50 years and is considered the gold standard by which big game is measured. This legacy continues through activities and accomplishments in hunters' ethics and ethics for other outdoor users. Thankfully, these ethics emphasize shared use of natural resources to protect wildlife options for use and enjoyment. It especially protects and preserves wildlife populations, public and private land habitats and associated outdoor recreation experiences.

Hunt Encino respects the wildlife, the land and the wildlife that is under our protection. We clearly subscribe to the goals and rules of the B & C Club and are here to protect wildlife populations and their habitats for a shared and balanced use of our precious natural resources.

Developed over 50 years ago, these measuring criteria remain the standard for keeping records of all North American big-game trophies. Official scoring a whitetail deer rack requires intimate and exact knowledge of B & C's extensive rules and criteria.

Before an official measurement can be made, the antlers must air dry for a minimum of 60 days. Check with your Hunt Encino Guide for relevant Boone and Crockett Club status and activities. We're here to help!

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