3-Day Guided Mature Whitetail Deer Hunt
Up to 150 B & C
  • $5000
Prime time is right before Thanksgiving. Since this is the coastal plain region, the rut starts early here. There are only limited whitetails taken each year so each hunter should book early to assure a spot for the following hunting season. A date will not be booked until a 50% deposit is received. Hunting will take place by stand hunting, safari style, rattling or spot and stalk. A professional guide who knows the area intimately will accompany you.

You will arrive around 2:00 p.m. so we can get you settled in your room, get to the range for sighting and then off to the field for the evening hunt. This is for a mature buck only since the Encino has strict game management programs in place. This gives time to gain the age needed for the young bucks to become all they can be. It is not uncommon to see 10-15 whitetail bucks come into a feeding station. Since the ranch is not high fenced at Encino, the free-range whitetail buck that makes the requirement for Boone and Crockett can be entered into the record books. You won't have to get messy, as we can arrange for all dressing and finishing for your trophies.


  • One-on-one professional guide.
  • Airport pickup and return
  • Hunting vehicle
  • Three days hunting (six outings)
  • Meals
  • Walk-in game cooler
  • Field dressing of game
  • Taxidermist and meat processor drop off
  • Two whitetail doe
  • Two wild boar
  • Lodging is included
  • 151 - 170 B&C Whitetail Buck
  • 171 - Plus B&C Whitetail Buck
  • Javelina
  • Coyote
  • Bobcat
  • Hogs (small eaters)
  • Lodging w/ Chef
  • Lodging Cafe Dinner
  • Lodging no Dinner
  • Nonhunter
  • $2000
    Total Price
  • $5000
    Total Price
  • $150
  • $50
  • $300
  • $75
  • $200/night
  • $150/night
  • $100/night
  • $250/day
** 50% deposit required to lock-in dates, non-refundable **

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