2-Day Javelina Hunt

  • $750
This hunt is for one javelina and one wild boar. Two days of hunting plus one night with lodging and meals included. Javelinas are seen throughout the ranch. Javelinas are also known as the Collared Peccary. This is a must for all hunters who want to fill the trophy room collections. The hunt consists of three outings, meals and lodging with guide hunting vehicle.
The javelina is not related to the wild boar or domestic pig. It is of a completely different family. It does have similar appearances but has different number of teeth, a different gestation period, a complex stomach versus a very simple one as on hogs and has a musk gland on its back. It also does not have any fur or wool as do a lot of wild boars. This is why it cannot survive in cold weather. The javelina is known for its razor sharp teeth and loud popping sounds made from popping its teeth together.

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