Map of South Texas

We are quite centrally located and just half an hour out of Corpus Christi - one of the nation's premier resort areas (a good place to drop off your family or treat yourself to some special fun before you return). There are three nearby airports, and we will come get you from any of them. The drive from nearby metro areas like Houston, Austin, San Antonio, etc., is nothing to worry about due to the network of super highways. We are right on Highway 77, which runs from I-37 (San Antonio/Corpus Christi) to Victoria.

The point of location is simply this: It's always good to be close to some big city with its facilities, interests, pleasures and medical care. At Encino Ranch you have a good choice of them. The area is rich in history and legend. Visitors are abundant at certain seasons for the hunting, fishing, birding, sailing, gambling, shopping, beaching, surfing and many other delights.

You won't be bored here in South Texas.

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