Quail Hunt

  • $900 per Day
Quail hunting is always a great way to get clients out into the field for entertaining. It is relaxing as well as very competitive amongst hunters. Something about watching a group of English pointers or a Brittany Spaniel hunting for a bobwhite quail covey is just picture perfect.
An Encino quail hunt will start out meeting up with your dog handler and guide early morning. He will then take you and your guest out into the field. You will travel throughout the ranch watching the dogs work like Olympians working for the gold. You will see dogs work that have been through many, many hours of intensive training before being allowed to hunt in the field.
You will then stop to get off the South Texas quail-hunting rig to get a shot at a bobwhite covey of quail.

Reserve Your Hunt Today

This is a hunt that all will enjoy. Hunts can be arranged for one day of quail hunting as well as multiple days and even a package can be combined with other hunts.
Some hunters enjoy combining a quail and deer or a quail and wild boar hunt. Just call to let us know; and we here at Encino Outdoor Services, L.L.C., will put a package together for you and your guest. It will truly be a hunt of a lifetime.
Lodging can be arranged for you and your guest to stay over night. The spacious 3700 square foot lodge is a great place to rehash about the incredible day of quail hunting. Cooks will have a meal all will enjoy.

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