1- Day Rio Grande Turkey Hunt

1 Gobbler & 1 Wild Boar
  • $600
Many hunters are really missing out by not ever making a spring turkey hunt. This is one of the most exciting hunts that a hunter can ever go on: Getting out into the woods on a cool spring morning and then hearing that old boss gobbler let loose. No other sound is like it. These hunts will take place here at Encino along the Aransas River. With miles and miles of great habitat here on the ranch, spring turkey hunting is at its finest.

A hunter and guide will hunt along the river bottom with shotgun and box call in hand. After a day of hunting, you can then return to our headquarters to relax to a cocktail in hand, in front of the big fireplace reflecting on a great day of spring turkey hunting before departing. This is a guided hunt that consists of two outings and a noon meal. Additional lodging can be added. This hunt is set up for shotgun only hunters.

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